I conduct workshops on neuroscience and cognitive science for students and professionals of diverse disciplines. One of the goals of cognitive neuroscience is to understand human perception and behaviour. The perspectives, methodologies and ideas from these workshops could be useful for any discipline like design, engineering, medicine, management, arts etc. I teach topics that include perception, emotion, learning, memory, aesthetics and behavioural change using hands-on projects, lectures and group discussions. The participants develop an understanding of the framework and tools to utilise this knowledge in their respective disciplines. My workshops also aim to provide clarity on many of the conflicting information that exists in the media about neuroscience and cognitive science. The workshops are designed for non-specialists of any level and are non-jargonized, but there is a steep learning curve.

In the past, I have conducted these workshops (“Cognition, Behaviour and Design” & “Design for Behavioural Change” ) at National Institute of Design (NID, Gandhinagar), IIT Bombay (IDC School of Design) and National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT, Delhi – ToT).